When you first start up Xojo you will typically see a project window. This window represents the Xojo Integrated Development Environment. You use the IDE to create programs.

The Project Window: The Contents list on the left shows objects contained in the project like windows, the menu, modules (see glossary), classes (see glossary), and resources.


The Editing Area: This area is where you can drag and drop controls onto a window. It is also where code can be added to controls.

The Library/Inspector Panel: At the right of the project window is the Library/Inspector pane. You can toggle between the Library and Inspector by clicking the corresponding toolbar buttons.

The Library: This view shows the controls (objects) that you can add to a window.

The Inspector: This view shows the properties of a selected object (control).

You use the IDE to build your program. There are 3 main things that you do using the IDE.

1. Build your program’s interface

2. Add code to objects

3. Modify object properties